About The Committee

The Kanmantoo Callington Community Consultative Committee (KCCCC) is a forum for the community to come together to raise issues and encourage action on matters related to the Kanmantoo Copper Mine.

The Committee was originally formed in 2007 as a result of a condition of the Mining Lease issued by the South Australian Government to allow Hillgrove Resources to redevelop the old Kanmantoo Copper Mine that last operated in the 1970’s.

Committee Members are appointed for two year terms according to a process described in the KCCCC Terms of Reference that includes an open call for nominations.

There is no limit to the number of community representatives on the Committee. The Committee tries to make sure that its membership effectively covers the various stakeholder groups and their topics of interest. Priority topics and issues for the community change over time throughout the various stages of the mine’s development.

The latest call for nominations for KCCCC membership and subsequent commencement of new two year terms for Committee members, occurred in March 2018.

Committee Members