Employment and Sponsorships

The Committee is not directly involved in the employment or sponsorship arrangements of the mine beyond encouraging the employment of local people and recognising that Hillgrove supports local events and organisations.

The following information has been provided by Hillgrove Resources and is acknowledged by the Committee as part of the community benefit outcomes.

Local Employment and Business Opportunities

Employment (as at December 2017)

  • Hillgrove employment at the Kanmantoo Copper Mine is 223 persons (excluding major contractors Emeco and Roc-Drill).
  • Employees living in the local community of Kanmantoo / Callington (ie within five kilometre radius of the mine) is 26 persons.
  • Employees living in the regional community (ie within ~25 kilometres of the mine) is 159 persons (in addition to the 26 who live in the local community).
  • Employees living in the Adelaide Metropolitan Area is 38.

This means that 83% of employees are based in the local community or the region.

Local business opportunities (as of July 2018)

  • Over $43m has been directed to local and regional businesses since operations commenced (within 5-25km of the mine, includes Adelaide Hills and surrounds).
  • Over 200 suppliers used throughout the local and regional area. 
  • Over $116m paid in wages and superannuation to employees living in the local and regional surrounds since the commencement of mining operations.

Sponsorships: Local community organisations and events

  • Hillgrove sponsors local community groups such as the Bridgewater Callington Raiders Football Club and the Bremer Callington Cricket Club.
  • Hillgrove supports community events including the Callington A&H Show, Callington Christmas Pageant, and the Kanmantoo Christmas Wheelbarrow Raffle.
  • Hillgrove receives a large number of requests for site visits but has limited resources to host these.   Whenever possible requests are accommodated from small groups of students who are studying mining related subjects at University or TAFE.  Groups to visit the mine have included Callington Primary School, Adelaide University and Geoscience Summer School students, as well as technical groups from AUSEG and AUSIMM.