Community Benefit Program

The Committee is particularly keen to see real, measureable and sustainable benefits delivered as a result of the Kanmantoo Copper Mine operating in the community.

The Master Planning Working Party is considering long term strategic planning for the area. This aspect is led by Committee member Fiona Challen.

Small scale, shorter term community benefit projects are also being identified.

Current smaller projects under consideration include:

  • recognising the mine's NW Woodland Rehabilitation Process and involving local landowners in environmental programs making use of this experience and resources such as the seed bank and propagation centre at the mine site.
  • revamping the current school bus pick up area Mine Rd/Old Princes Hwy. Creating a larger shelter to accommodate all of the local students, creating a designated bus pull off area where students can board and exit safely.
  • planting out of roadsides with native vegetation along the length of Proctor Road, Mine Road and both sides of the Kanmantoo Township, along the Old Princes Highway.
  • planting shade trees to provide shade in summer at the Kanmantoo Bike Park. Planting native vegetation around the boundary and adding a BBQ and seating area so families could enjoy an afternoon out.
  • creating a fully fenced, off-leash Dog Park on the vacant reserve area near the beginning of Mine Road.