Natural environment

Ed Thomas

Ed is a local landowner directly affected located on an adjoining property.

Ed's areas of interests include:

  • Bird and native animal habitat, ground water,  erosion protection and feral animal control
  • Membership of local Landcare Group and Natural Resources SA Murray Darling Basin Network

Kathy Schneider Roberts

Kathy and her husband Peter live on a property a short distance from the mine and maintain some mining heritage buildings, relics and artefacts of the former Straughton mining village. They have a deep interest in history and the preservation of all forms of cultural heritage.

Kathy is an active member of the local Landcare group and sees a strong link between environmental and cultural and heritage matters.

Harry Seager

Harry has a long and enduring interest in conserving and enhancing the natural values of the area. He is particularly interested in flora and fauna and brings a practical, ‘hands on’ approach to promoting positive environmental outcomes for the community.

Harry has worked in Natural Resources Management, both as an officer and as a community volunteer. He is very active on the Kanmantoo Callington Landcare Group and the Goolwa to Wellington local Action Planning Association.