Kathy Schneider Roberts

Kathy and her husband Peter live on a property a short distance from the mine and maintain some mining heritage buildings, relics and artefacts of the former Straughton mining village. They have a deep interest in history and the preservation of all forms of cultural heritage.

Kathy is an active member of the local Landcare group and sees a strong link between environmental and cultural and heritage matters.

Harry Seager

Harry has a long and enduring interest in conserving and enhancing the natural values of the area. He is particularly interested in flora and fauna and brings a practical, ‘hands on’ approach to promoting positive environmental outcomes for the community.

Harry has worked in Natural Resources Management, both as an officer and as a community volunteer. He is very active on the Kanmantoo Callington Landcare Group and the Goolwa to Wellington local Action Planning Association.

Garry Duncan

Garry is a local resident of Kanmantoo. He has strong ties into the community through his profession as an artist and his active interest in environmental and cultural matters.

Garry is passionate about bringing positive and lasting benefits to the area through his participation on various leadership groups involving Indigenous and European culture and heritage and the farming communities in particular.

He brings a unique perspective on natural and cultural environments and is committed to bringing cohesion, balance and objectivity to the role of KCCCC Member.