Agenda and Meeting Notes

KCCCC meetings are public meetings and all members of the community with an interest in the mine are encouraged to come along.
The meetings are chaired by an independent Chairperson and run so that community members in the gallery can participate in the discussion of key topics led by Committee members.

Meetings are held in either the Callington Memorial Hall or the Kanmantoo Community Hall. 

There are at least four KCCCC meetings scheduled during the year with more meetings held if and when required. During the calendar year 2014 there were seven meetings, in 2015 there were four meetings, and in 2016 four meetings were held.

KCCCC meetings are generally held on Thursday evenings, but the Committee is always keen to hear if another day, time or venue would be better.

Notes from each meeting are kept by the independent Chairperson and published on this website in draft form between meetings to allow the community time to review them before they are confirmed at the next meeting.


Agenda and Meeting notes